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Welcome Bob with long-necked gourd

Hi, my name's Bob, and this is my website, which I've devoted to growing and decorating gourds. I spend much of my time planting, growing, reaping, drying, decorating, and showing gourds. Most of the gourds I grow become one-of-a-kind pieces of gourd art.

In 1998 I wanted to make some bird houses, so I started growing birdhouse gourds. I dried them, cut a round hole in the side, and hung several of these gourd birdhouses in trees on my property. After a year and a half, it was clear that none of the birds I feed had adopted a birdhouse gourd as a home, so I cut two more holes in the gourds and transformed the bird houses into bird feeders. The birds love them; I have filmed their antics ducking in and out of these gourd feeders. By that time I was hooked on growing gourds to create objects of art.

Peruse the pages on this site to read some tips about growing and cleaning gourds, along with lots of photos. Thank you for visiting!

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